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scala 棟上げ

”scala ”の家の棟上げを行いました!





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キリコ設計事務所|フランス DNA Paris Design Awards を受賞!

私達が設計監理をさせて頂いた "No33" の家が、フランス DNA Paris Design Awards を受賞しました!



DNA Paris Design Awards
DNA Paris Design Awards is an accolade honoring the work of international architects and designers, who improve our daily lives through practical, beautiful and innovative design.


この場所へ、親子3代の住まいを建て替えるにあたり ”ここで住み続けること” を念頭に設計を開始しました。
更に高基礎のコンクリートを活かしたキャンティレバーの上にスチールの柱を設け、大階段部分では最大約7mの奥行きとなる深い軒を掛ける事で ”雨に濡れずに車の乗り降りが出来るように ”とのクライアントからの要望へ答えました。

The No 33 building is located on the opposite side of "the 33 Earth" monument commemorating 133.33 east longitude and 33.33 north latitude.
On the north side of the road connecting the site, the Enokuchi River runs through the urban area of Kochi City.
The Enokuchi River is affected by the ebb and flow of the tide, and in the event of a major earthquake, a tsunami of up to about 2 meters in height may strike.
In order to rebuild the house for three generations of parents and children, we started designing it with the idea of "continuing to live here.".
The ground height of the site was about 1m higher than the surrounding ground due to the embankment that had been done since there's grandfather's generation.
In view of the fact that most of the wooden houses were washed away with only the foundations, we planned to use a high-floored concrete foundation in addition to this ground height to prevent flooding in the event of a tsunami, while maintaining the same wooden flat houses as before the reconstruction.
In addition, we responded to a client's request that a steel column should be placed on the top of the cantilever, which utilizes high-foundation concrete, and a deep eave with a depth of up to about 7m should be placed on the main stairs so that the customer could get in and out of the car without getting wet in the rain.
In addition, we believe that "continuing to live here" means reconfirming the relationship with the community and the environment, and so arranged each separate room towards the river and made a work counter using high foundation at the major opening part wishing that people would be more conscious about the river which is in a process being recovered from the severe water pollution.
The garden on the south side was originally one site, but it was necessary to clearly separate the boundaries when it was rebuilt.
Therefore, in order to provide a spacious view even after a residential building is built in the future, we planned to plant a variety of plants on the slope where there is a difference in elevation between the north and south sites.
As for the tea room, although it was initially planned to be a 4 mat and a half room, as per the request of our client who was concerned about the decrease of tea rooms big enough to hold tea ceremony classes, it will be an 8 mat hall able to host tea ceremony classes at a group level.
Taking into consideration that "Sou-yaneura" (a style in which no ceiling is installed) is a form of expression devoted to "wabi (taste for the simple and quiet)", and the fact that flat ceilings are the norm for tea rooms, we have decided to place bamboo louvers with varied pitch for the ceiling and to gather all the facility equipment to the roof space.
The house layout with the wide hallways is a measure for the use of wheelchairs in the future.
Considering the locality and usage, the house has become a big one-story house like a two-story house, but I hope this house with a large,spacious roof will become a symbol of the area and a place to be cuddle close together.    
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